HighBar believes that high quality people are the most important asset of a company. With each round of financing, the overhang of investor capital can create misalignment between investors and employees. This misalignment in the capital structure can be demotivating and often leads to imprudent short-term decisions.

HighBar’s transactions are structured to realign investors and management teams. We ensure that management is well incentivized to execute on targets defined in a revised strategic plan. Through a transaction with HighBar, companies gain an active lead investor and access to an extensive network of operating advisors.


Existing investors can rely on HighBar as an experienced and engaged investor with the resources to create a path to liquidity and unlock value. We specialize in situations in which the investor syndicate is fatigued and potentially unable to invest enough new capital to transform the business. This inability to invest may stem from investor complexities inherent to syndicate investing. We work with investors to develop transaction structures that meet syndicate needs while fully capitalizing the business.

Service Providers

HighBar helps service providers help the business clients that they represent. We bring capital, engagement and execution from an investor with the resources needed to help achieve client goals.


HighBar’s participation ensures that a company and its lenders have a strong partner that will promote fiscal discipline. HighBar is mindful of a lender’s capital, particularly in situations that require an operationally intensive work-out. In such instances, financial institutions with whom we have partnered in the past have achieved substantially improved returns.