Why HighBar?

Since 1995, HighBar’s investing and operating teams have built significant technology companies in Silicon Valley. Given our roots as a personal investment vehicle, we have always conducted ourselves as owner-operators. This philosophy of long-term value creation is a cornerstone of our investing principles, and we can relate to the challenges of building companies. Based on frameworks refined through personal experience, we offer a seasoned perspective, expertise and advice. HighBar strives to deliver a win for all constituencies by partnering with management teams and existing investors to unlock value.

HighBar brings:

  • an experienced investor as a dedicated partner with a deep understanding of technology and relationships with Silicon Valley companies and technologists
  • a creative and flexible investor with an owner-operator history dedicated to enhancing the value of a business
  • a network of experienced operating executives to help the management teams of our portfolio companies build on their technological edge and deliver value
  • a “paradigm shifting” investment that allows companies to grow, rather than simply survive

The combination of technology expertise, capital and operational focus helps HighBar unlock value in our companies.